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The most striking thing you notice about this metal is how absurdly light it feels in hand. While lithium is lighter it is, frankly, useless as a metal proper because it’s so reactive and soft. Beryllium is neither of those two things. What it is is hideously expensive and supremely difficult to work with. Only a few companies in the world have the expertise (or the clientele) to deal with Be.

22 reviews for Beryllium

  1. Benedict Armstrong

    your stones are as real as it can get. your company is a living miracle. People need to know about you as soon as possible.

  2. John Linsky

    Hey bro we love what you supply mehn it is the best.

  3. Raymond Jiggs

    Your Beryllium substance is really good we would like to make another purchase soon. the sample we received was a great deal of sample and we like it.

  4. Blokovich Samantha

    Hi guys we need some of this product as soon as possible, and we want it shipped to Vietnam sooner than later.

  5. David Mahalo

    Hey guys! I wanted to shoot you an email and tell you guys how AWESOME you are! The customer service was above and beyond! And I LOVED the hand-written note that came with my purchase. I will definitely be buying from you guys again. Please keep up the great work! Good companies like you are hard to find now a days.

  6. Mark Jarrod

    Hi guys, I wanted to thanks for the fast handling and delivery of my product. I appreciated the originality… I will recommend you to Montréal crew.

  7. Pete Garison

    Hi, Just wanted to thank you guys for shipping so fast and the nice note

    I’ll definitely be shopping with you guys again!

  8. Brice Salvador

    This is mind-bogging the way your company works, we are happy to find a company like yours. thank you and we will be calling for next order soon.

  9. Jim Bradly

    Hey guys thank you again for the save delivery of our order.

  10. Dominic Brown

    It was a pleasure doing business with your company. Thank you so much for your legitimacy.

  11. Steven Lavain

    wow CCL this is such a miracle that we could still come across a company as legitimate as yours, we have been scammed so many time by fake companies that claim to have a good product but it always turned out to be a lie. Thank you again for being a good company.

  12. Zamberie Brandon

    We are looking forward to making the next big order of the month and we will be sending you a different shipping address this time around cause we want to work a different project in a different location. thank you for your kind understanding.

  13. spoucky

    It was really nice working with you.

  14. Isaac Johnson

    It is such a relief that we finally got to meet a real company after coming across so many fake sellers of this chemical. thank you so much for coming through for us.

  15. Ednah Braice

    Thank you for the good service.

  16. Daniel Lodge

    Fast response and that is really good for business.

  17. Larry

    Just what I was looking for. The ordering process was easy and shipping was very fast.

  18. James Baur

    All good fast ship fair price

  19. margene horrell

    I order the product from California Chemical Lab during December and was pleased to get exactly what I ordered on time. The company kept me informed about the transit of my order. I like being able to order directly from a company instead through a third party.

  20. Clifton E.

    Excellent service and helpful employees

  21. Buddy Manuel

    The purchase was easy start to finish. I was informed when my order was shipped and when it was delivered.

  22. Paul Iman

    The product is great and the shipping was fast!

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