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Made by Legor Group, this RH2RT formulation offers exceptional brightness and operates at room temperature. This formula plates in half the time with a faster deposition rate, and decreased evaporation helps preserve your bath chemistry. You get Legor quality at a more economical price because the acid level in this solution is low enough that hazardous shipping charges do not apply. Rhodium is a bright white, tarnish-resistant, hard metal in the platinum group—ideal for giving jewelry a brilliant white finish. Plate rhodium directly onto platinum, gold or nickel only. With a preliminary nickel plate, you can plate onto silver and copper alloys. With a preliminary copper plate followed by nickel, you can plate rhodium onto tin, lead, brass and bronze alloys. Use rhodium with a platinized titanium anode. This 1-liter bottle contains 2 grams of rhodium.

12 reviews for Rhodium Plating Solution

  1. Jack Ruse

    Just received my order… I know I haven’t said so in the past when I’ve ordered, but thanks for being so awesome.

    I think I’ll still be using the chemical for a long time , at least, but now I’m totally ready for the transition. What a tremendous improvement in the new quality. I may have to up 2000 still left.
    Again, thank you all for your true “customer service”. Kinda rare round these parts

  2. Terrence Jones

    Dear CCL,

    My husband thought the product was awesome, and it worked great! He was super excited to get it as a graduation present. He also really enjoyed the stickers and wax you all included, and I really enjoyed the bag! Thanks again for the awesome service and product, we will definitely keep you guys in mind for our future purchasing needs!

  3. Claude Mandilean

    Hi David,

    Just wanted to say thanks heaps for sending my order so quick, the quality of the chemical is awesome and cant wait to try it!

    Have told heaps of my friends about your company and one of them is super keen to buy product as well.


  4. Gilbert Nomes

    This is so amazing guys, your chemicals are so top notch, we are looking forward to making another purchase from your company. Thank you again so much

  5. Desmond Mailleys

    Well done Guys , We just received our consignment. thank you.

  6. Ricky Malistrian

    Good job

  7. Aristus Boateng

    When i first came here to buy this product from you i really did not think you would actually come through because we did not find too many reviews on your website and on this particular product but we are happy that you guys really deliver. We will be buying all our products from your company. And we are glad that your company has many of our chemicals the we use in our company.

  8. Nerth Blomer

    We wish to thank you guys for this great deal and we will definitely reciprocate the gesture. We will refer many new clients to you.

  9. Rousy Juicien

    It is really funny how many times i have been scammed on the net just because i have been wanting to buy this liquid, and i was almost beginning to believe that

  10. Nate Ruis

    My friend i am happy that we could finally meet up to sign and seal this deal so we can send the orders of our clients.

  11. Danis Bloomberg

    W are happy working with you. Good stuffs you guys got.

  12. Paul Phillys

    Quick processing of order, package arrived quickly.

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